A Personalized Approach


Palm Beach County has been dubbed "the recovery capital of the world"  by many due to the amount of addiction treatment centers it houses and the thousands of people swarming there each year in an attempt to sober up. Recovery Coaches of Palm Beach was born as a result of the high percentage of addicts in South Florida who just couldn't seem to get sober no matter how many treatment facilities they attended. We felt these patients would benefit more from a personalized program tailored to their individual needs. Our services include:

  • Addiction Education: Helping the addicted and their families understand what addiction is and isn't, and what treatment options are available.

  • Interventions: Traveling to your home to confront the addict in your family by shedding light on their behavior and how it has affected those close to them.

  • Recovery Coaching: Helping the addict get and stay sober by creating a personalized recovery plan and teaching them how to balance sobriety with other daily life activities like work, relationships, and recreational activities.

  • Family Coaching: Helping family members learn to stop enabling and make the tough decisions to promote better emotional, mental, and physical health for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Sober Companion: Physically being there with a client for a period of time to assure sobriety in a difficult time or escorting a them on a long trip.

  • Recovery Golf: For those who love golf or want to learn, we can teach self-awareness and mindfulness skills in a recreational setting.

  • Hypnotherapy:  Hypnotherapy is an educational and self-improvement process that facilitates access to a person’s internal resources to assist in resolving emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues. Through hypnosis, positive change is created by increasing motivation, developing healthier thought processes and altering behavior patterns. 

  • Aftercare: For those who have spent weeks or months completing inpatient and outpatient treatment and struggle with the transition back to “reality”. This program includes weekly individual sessions along with a small group session focusing on accomplishing goals and achieving success in multiple areas of life.

  • Treatment Referrals: We work with several of the finest facilities in South Florida. We work in conjunction with therapists and case managers to create an all encompassing recovery program based on each individual's needs. Adding our services has worked wonders for those who have not been successful with treatment centers and 12 steps alone.

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