Commitment to family


One thing that separates us from many addiction professionals is our commitment to  families. Since it is usually a family member of an addict seeking our services, we feel an obligation to teach them how to heal as well. Let's face it, living with an addict or alcoholic can be draining. We go above and beyond to get the addicted person in your family out of the problem and into the solution, but this is just the beginning. We continue offering support and guidance throughout the journey of recovery.

Families play a large part in the recovery of an addict. It has been our experience that when the family is educated about addiction and involved in recovery, the addicted person has a significantly higher chance of success. Our goal is to bring the family on board with the recovery team to ensure everyone involved in the addict's life is promoting positive change. Learning the difference between helping and enabling is crucial to the  effectiveness of a treatment program. Families also need to know that addiction Is not a weakness, but is a treatable disease.

Addictions don’t happen in bubbles. They happen in communities filled with loving people. When addiction sabotages a family, those family members and friends need to take steps to get the person they love into treatment programs that can help. These family members and friends also need to take care of their own health, so they can provide the love and support addicted people need in order to heal. 

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